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New Deal Capital

New Ideas | New Opportunities | Consistent Returns

We approach passive investing from a whole new perspective, with every new project there’s an opportunity to bring new ideas to life, unlock hidden value, and create new partnerships. We vet every deal rigorously for the best possible returns utilizing a risk management approach and conservative style of underwriting. In addition, we invest in every deal right alongside with our investors.

The MultiFamily Approach

The 3 pillars of our Multifamily Investment Model


Cash Flow

Cash is King! Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business big and small and in the Multifamily space this old business adage holds true in every aspect of our business, every deal, every property, every investment. Cashflow is what allows us to get into the deals we like, keep the lights on, pay the mortgage and offer a preferred return to our investors while we work on the business plan. Our investor partners love cashflow and so do we! 

Profits are distributed every quarter.

Asset Appreciation

Passive Investing through multifamily is a slow and steady game.  It is a wealth investment strategy that takes place over multiple years with 5 years being the average hold time for a typical multifamily transaction. The properties we acquire become the wealth building engines for our business model via asset appreciation. In a typical multifamily investment transaction asset appreciation is realized throughout the investment period lifecycle giving us the ability to capitalize on the equity build up via a sale while amplifying returns. 

Our capital partners also like that and so do we!


Tax Benefits

Depreciation has been a well known tax secret among institutional investors for a long time and now regular investors can now reap the same tax benefits that institutional investors have enjoyed for the last few decades. Depreciation can be used to reduce or eliminate taxable income in addition to additional business expenses.


Our Motto

NewDeal Capital Partners was founded with a single mission: to create generational wealth through passive investing. We believe in people first, building relationships and transforming communities.

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